Jonny Mack

👋 I’m Jonny Mack.

I help companies design products and build teams.

Most recently I worked with Coinbase on the redesign of Toshi and subsequent rebranding to Coinbase Wallet, and One More Cloud on design mentorship and coaching, and Backtrace on product design and usability research. I also created Radical Address.

Previously, I worked on Chrome OS and Android system UI, specifically the App Runtime for Chrome, Cast integration in Chrome, and Lollipop out-of-box experience. Additionally, I lead design for Google's Cloud Console, Infrastructure and Cloud Security tooling, and Google Domains.

Before that I worked as a designer and prototyper on webOS at HP, co-founder of, freelance designer, and studio assistant to Shepard Fairey and Dave Kinsey at Blk/Mrkt.